Rosemary Freeman is a serial blogger. It seems every time she gets a notion about anything from politics to religion, she starts a blog. Unfortunately, most of the other blogs portray her as a busy, vital individual. She is busy, if you call bingeing on the offerings of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu being “busy.”  She feels that she consumes massive amounts of television so others don’t have to. She often tries to  craft this rationalization into a mission statement, but it’s like watching someone twist in the wind.  She is a story addict and Peak TV is her drug of choice, plain and simple. The major downside, besides threat of deep vein thrombosis and an ever widening ass, is that she doesn’t read as much (or clean the house or go for walks or go to bed at a reasonable hour.) Reading is the key to writing, and she fancies herself to be a writer. She knows she needs to start saying “no” to the giant screen.

So let’s keep an eye on this blog. We have suggested she use the WordPress platform because Blogger is too ensnared with all things Google. She also finds WordPress a little frustrating, so she’s less apt to mess about with widgets and the like. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she cracks a good book every now and again and gets about the business of creating! She is, after all, no spring chicken.

Rosemary is married to Bob since 1981 and they have four grown children all over the place from Portland, OR to Agawam, MA. She and Bob will begin spending May to October on Prince Edward Island (the smallest Canadian province) starting in 2018 when Bob retires. They are devout Roman Catholics who believe everything the Church teaches, especially the stuff about Love and mercy. Rosemary would not be able to get out of bed in the morning if it weren’t for Love and mercy.

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