Rectify: Flannery’s Grace-thirsty Heirs


When you are thirsting for grace and you don’t even know it, nothing fits the bill like a short story by Flannery O’Connor. You probably still won’t know it, but no matter. If you like the short stories A Good Man is Hard to Find, Parker’s Back, The Geranium, Good Country People, The Enduring Chill (to name just a few) or maybe even one of her novels- Wise Blood, perhaps, then I have a television selection that has had me mesmerized, surprised and just plain swept along. I want to recommend it in the strongest of terms.

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Lent 2018

Ash Wednesday coincided with Valentine’s Day this year. To me, it was appropriate. This year, Lent is the best gift of love that the Church has to give her sinful, suffering children—St. Valentine was a martyr, after all!

My husband and I went to the 7:00 p.m. mass at St. Therese’s, the first day of no more “alleluia”s at the proclamation of the gospel. No more “Gloria” at the Sunday mass, either. Purple everywhere. Ashes. Stations of the Cross on Fridays. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready (or needful!) of this penitential season since I became a Catholic in 1990.

One of my most beloved friends gave me a book last summer. I’ve only been reading it for four nights now, but if—by the grace of God—I can stick with it for the next thirty-five days, I reckon it could change my life. Continue reading

1984 … Again.

I work in a library. Every few days, we get a shipment of books in from other libraries. The shipments contain:

  • patron-requested books that we do not have in our collection
  • patron-requested books that we have in our collection, but are currently checked out
  • books that we have sent out for the patrons of other libraries that have returned.

Yesterday, I had the job of processing incoming books for our patrons. I processed five copies of 1984: three paperbacks, one hardcover and one audio book.  You may be thinking, “Five? That’s not a big deal.”

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